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How to get business finance?

How to get business finance?

If you want to open a business or if you have a company in difficulty, surely you will have asked yourself how to find financing for companies. This is perhaps the most difficult part for entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs, although fortunately to date there are different possibilities of access to credit, with products and facilities reserved just for micro, small and medium enterprises.

For certain types of companies, such as for example youth, female or innovative, there are also ad hoc facilities, which usually translate into the granting of non-repayable grants. This without forgetting of course the traditional Cross Hildare banks, but also alternative credit formulas, such as crowdfunding

We therefore see all the financing possibilities dedicated to companies, starting from the Cross Hildare to start a new business and then moving on to credit solutions for companies in difficulty.

Loans to newly established companies

Loans to newly established companies

Understanding how to find funds to open a business is the first step for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur, but does not have the necessary basic capital. There are different possibilities to find the initial capital to open a business, starting from the grants dedicated to the promotion of self-employment.

For example, Invitalia, the national agency for the attraction of investments and business development, has announced a call for tenders dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs, aimed at granting subsidized loans. However, due to the high number of requests received by the platform, applications are currently suspended.

For those who want to start a business, but do not have the necessary requirements to participate in the other specific calls we will see later, the most popular alternative is therefore the traditional Cross Hildares or those obtained through crowdfunding.

Financing for youth companies

Financing for youth companies

If you are a young entrepreneur or aspiring person, you should know that there are credit facilities designed specifically for you, almost always in the form of non -repayable loans. In particular, to promote youth entrepreneurship tenders are periodically called to access non-repayable grants, always managed by Invitalia.

With the Zero Rate New Business program, for example, the Agency wants to offer an incentive to young people who want to start a micro or small business. The fund has an initial endowment of around 50 million euros, intended for the financing of business projects with a maximum expenditure of 1.5 million euros. The facilitation provides for the disbursement of a zero-rate loan to be repaid in maximum 8 years, which can cover up to 75% of total expenses. For those interested, starting from 13 January 2016 it is possible to apply online, directly through the Invitalia website.

Funding for women’s businesses

Funding for women

Special discounts are also available for female entrepreneurs. In particular, the Zero-Rate New Business program is still valid, which grants the same facilities described above for youth entrepreneurship to companies that are predominantly women.

Funding for innovative companies

Funding for innovative companies

Invitalia has provided ad hoc facilities also to encourage innovative start-ups that want to start or expand their business. The dedicated call is called Smart & Start and has an initial budget of about 200 million euros. The start-ups that operate in the digital economy and have a strong technological content, which intend to carry out projects with expected costs between 100 thousand and 1.5 million euros, can access it. In the presence of the requisites of merit necessary, the fund will therefore be able to support these projects by offering a zero-rate mortgage to cover a maximum of 70% of the total investment (which rises to 80% in the case of a company composed exclusively of women or young people under 35).

Loans to companies in difficulty

Loans to companies in difficulty

If your company does not have the necessary requirements to access subsidized loans for companies, you must know that there are still alternatives to obtain credit anyway.

The most traditional way is that of bank loans, with many credit institutions that have developed products designed specifically for the needs of SMEs.

Crowdfunding is another popular financing formula for companies: in essence there are platforms that allow companies to request Cross Hildare from a community of private investors, all without the intermediation of banks and financial institutions. The result is leaner procedures and very competitive interest rates.

Two other financing solutions for companies in crisis are the Cross Hildare through advances on invoices and debt factoring.

The Cross Hildares with advance on invoices consist in using their own commercial credits as a guarantee on the loan: whoever disburses the loan anticipates a sum equal to an agreed percentage of the value of the invoices issued and, as a guarantee, takes control of all the invoices outstanding.

The debt factoring is similar to the previous solution, but differs in the fact that the collection of the credits passes directly into the hands of the company that provided the loan to your company.

Bad Payers and Debt Consolidation, Guide to Extinction of Loans

It is often thought that bad payers cannot get out of this condition and cannot even opt for debt consolidation, fortunately, it is possible to solve the problem even if the procedure to be followed is complex.

How can you have debt consolidation if you are already branded? Is it possible to leave the list of bad payers thanks to this procedure?

In today’s guide we see together how to recover their economic freedom thanks to credit consolidation for bad payers.

Bad payers

Today, everything can be paid in installments, from mobile phones to homes, and sometimes it is possible to lose control of the installments and find yourself insolvent without even noticing how it happened.

If you lose control of the number of installments to be paid, you can find yourself in a complex economic situation that is also destabilizing for the family tranquility. Month after month the unpaid installments accumulate and in a short time we find ourselves in the list of bad payers and the problems begin.

A bad payer is a person who has not paid the installments for personal or financial loans punctually. This is reported to the national financial circuit and included in the list of insolvents.

At this point the subject loses the right to request any type of loan or financial loan. This type of attitude on the part of credit institutions has worsened the situation, the debtor was still a debtor without being able to pay due to the rise in interest rates.

Loans to bad payers to pay off debts, is it possible?

Loans to bad payers to pay off debts, is it possible?

Today, to ensure that the debtor can recover from his condition, some credit institutions allow debt consolidation even to bad payers. With this payment procedure, the blacklisted debtor (end-to-end knowledge company) can at least try to recover and find an easier installment.

Thanks to debt consolidation it is possible to pay off previous debts, request a new loan, recalculate the repayment installment and times. In this way it is possible to free oneself from the too high interest rates, from the blackberries for the payments not made and one can also lower the monthly payment to be paid, adapting it to the real possibilities of the debtor.

Basically it is a type of loan that reorganizes the debt in a single installment to be paid periodically, grouping together the different installments of the loans opened by a subject.

In this way, only one creditor must be managed and not many creditors. If for example between the various monthly installments we were going to pay a figure of around 900 euros, which increases due to interest rates and blackberries, with the consolidation of debts we will pay only one installment that may even be lower than the sum of the various loan installments.

So even if you are a bad payer you can exit the blacklist by following this method. Continue reading and you will have all the instructions necessary to solve your problems.

Debt consolidation for members

Debt consolidation

The bad payer is reported to the end-to-end knowledge company or the Financial Risk Center. If the situation is not too severe, some credit institutions grant new debt consolidation loans without too many problems.

If the economic situation of the bad payer is rather serious, the difficulties increase, but it is always worth trying to request credit consolidation from a credit institution. In some cases, it is even sufficient to try to pay back a few installments to show credit agencies that they are reliable and willing to remedy the debt.

Even a little goodwill in improving the situation can make the difference between a yes and a no from a credit institution. If you don’t know how to pay the installments and to show your intention to leave the bad payers list, you can offer guarantees.

You will need a guarantor or to give a property as collateral, or something on which the credit institution can take action should you continue to be unable to pay the installments. The guarantor is a person who can offer a guarantee and become responsible if you cannot pay the debt.

Obviously it is not said that, while demonstrating goodwill and while offering guarantees, credit institutions allow a bad payer to obtain debt consolidation. The only way to get consolidation is to look for the agency that accepts your request, not all institutions will say no.


To have debt consolidation if you are bad payers you must also:

  • be permanent employees over four months;
  • be aged between 18 and 86;
  • not having left a debt too high;
  • to be a pensioner.

Lenders generally allow the bad payer to have debt consolidation by paying by the fifth assignment. The sale of the fifth is a good guarantee to obtain consolidation.

Every month a fifth of the salary or pension is deducted to pay the monthly installment of your debt consolidation. The employer or the institution that pays the pension takes care of it.

If you are a bad payer and you do not have a pay slip and you do not even have a pension, you can try to ask for a loan, or a loan that can be repaid through the use of bills, but it is obtained with extreme difficulty.

Also in this case it is always advisable to ask several lenders to find the one that will grant you the loan.

What happens once the debt is paid? Cancellation of the bad payer

What happens once the debt is paid? Cancellation of the bad payer

Once the payment of the installments is completed, you exit the list of bad payers of the Central Credit Register. At the end of the payment, you return to a situation of total normality and, if needed, you can request new loans without problems.

Going around various credit institutions and also taking a look online also allows you to find the best solutions with lower interest rates to minimize the risk of not being able to pay the installments again. 

Your loan online without proof or commitment

Compare your personal loan, car loan, loan work, mortgage credit online

Compare your personal loan, car loan, loan work, mortgage credit online

Currently, it is increasingly easy to borrow money. Naturally, simple does not mean without consequence! So, think carefully, and consider all possibilities before signing your contract. That’s why, comparing personal loan offers online is the surest way to make the right decision about selecting your future credit.

What personal loan for my project?

What personal loan for my project?

Whether you need money to finance a great trip, higher education, organize a big wedding, buy a computer, appliances or a car everything is possible.

Many banks and financial institutions offer their customers, online credit simulators. It is a tool that helps you compare different loan offers that suit your project and your situation. This process has several advantages.

For starters, it allows you to perform all loan simulations directly from your home. You will not have to move. Then, via the loan application form, you can determine yourself the amount of your loan and your monthly payments and the duration of your credit. To do this, you only have to indicate on this form, certain essential information. Your identity, your financial situation, that is your expenses and income to provide the necessary proof of your repayment capacity. After sending your request, one of our experienced brokers will analyze your file. At the end of this analysis, you will get an answer in principle, positive or negative, within 24 to 48 hours.

Opt for the free and non-binding online loan application and realize, without delay, all your projects.

Loans for small and medium-sized enterprises


small and medium enterprises

It is vital for small and medium enterprises to be able to procure economic resources even during periods of economic downturn: this is the project line that the Manucredit has set for the 2013-2015 two-year period. While the President of the Manucredit Mr. Henes Joyr, at the recent Dutch meeting of the Advisory group for assistance to the poor, said: “The provision of inclusive financial services of micro-entrepreneurs, farmers is a fundamental vehicle to promote economic development “.

Strengthened by the positive results achieved in 2012, with significant capital increase and 13 billion euros invested for the help of 200,000 small European companies, the Manucredit has forecast an increase in investments for companies in difficulty.

President Hoyer, interviewed on TG1, confirmed that around 6 billion euros will be invested in Italy and 40% will go to small and medium-sized enterprises, considering the skeleton of our country. The rest will go to infrastructures and natural disasters, as happened for the earthquake in Emilia, where the Manucredit participated with 600 million euros as an extraordinary intervention in favor of the territory.

Support for SME credit

Support for SME credit

This year thousands of small companies will be able to access the funds thanks to local banks, in fact, 4.2 billion euros have already been allocated to support SMEs and mid-cap companies with up to 3000 employees.

In Italy the Manucredit supports business investments through large Italian banking groups and numerous banks in the area (from the official Manucredit website it is possible to download, in pdf format, the list of partner banks and the telephone numbers of the managers). The strategic sector of new energy sources is strongly supported and financed by the Manucredit, which recently supported the construction of two large Italian photovoltaic plants. Micro-credit is financed through specific European programs. With the technical and financial assistance of the European Investment Fund, companies under ten workers can get up to € 25,000 in funds at interest rates close to “the cost of raising funds”. The Manucredit and the European Commission work together on the JASMINE program and the European progress microfinance facility, activated for those at risk of losing their jobs or having difficulty re-entering the world of work.

Attraction of capital

Attraction of capital

Additional financial transactions previously activated by the Manucredit with analysts provide for an attraction of capital amounting to 2.8 billion for the benefit of European SMEs. As proof that the European Union and the Manucredit consider SMEs and Mid-Caps to be the priority, because they are fundamental for development, employment and innovation in the economy of the 27.